Configuring and Enabling Logging in TM1

//Configuring and Enabling Logging in TM1

You can use a copy of logging properties file, tm1s-log properties, to configure and enable TM1 message logging for a specific TM1 server.

  • You will find the copy of this file at Planning sample directory : \Custom\TM1Data\PlanSamp.
  • Place this file at the same directory where the configuration file, tm1s.cfg is located for the TM1 server you want to monitor. It is not necessary to restart the TM1 server to initialize logging, unless you are running a TM1 local server.
  • Use the following two statements in the logging properties file as the standard configuration to log all INFO level messages for all areas of TM1.
    • log4j.rootLogger=INFO, S1
    • log4j.logger.TM1=INFO

Logging output is configured in the appender section of the logging properties file with the following parameters.

  • MemorySize: Specifies the size of the shared memory segment [Default value is 5 MB] – log4j.appender.S1.MemorySize = Size Units [can be KB or MB]
  • MaxFileSize: Specifies the maximum file size that the log file is allowed to take up on disk [Default size is 100 MB] – log4j.appender.S1.MaxFileSize = SizeUnits [can be KB, MB, or GB]
  • MaxBackupIndex: A numeric value that specifies how many backup files are kept before the oldest log file is erased [Default value is 20].
    • If set as 0, no backup log files will be saved and the current log file will be overwritten and restarted each time it reaches MaxFileSize.
    • If set to 1 or higher, a total of x backup files will be maintained, where x is MaxBackupIndex value
  • TimeZone: Specifies the timezone for the message timestamps in the log file –log4j.appender.S1.TimeZone=Zone [can be set to either GMT or Local]


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