TM1 10.1 – Whats New

//TM1 10.1 – Whats New

In addition to improving speed and stability, TM1 10.1 fixes a number of bugs (301 and counting). This version also improves the integration with Cognos BI, and closes the feature gap with EP.

Fixes and Features

Here are a number of salient features in TM1 10.1 that will hit you as soon as you install it

  • Installation – More streamlined and in-line with the Cognos Bi components
  • Cognos Configuration – Like other BI and EP components, TM1 is now managed through the IBM Cognos Configuration utility.
  • Apache Tomcat – Tomcat is now included and is needed by the new components (Operations Console).
  • Contributor has had its problems and hopefully the name change to Cognos TM1 Applications will fix it.
  • Parallel Interaction concurrency is set by default – Cheers to that and hope that all the bugs were squashed in 9.5.2
  • TM1RunTI – Command line access to run TI process. Now, you can run and pass parameters to a TI process from the command line. WooHoo!
  • New sample databases – No more Planning Sample. We have a brand new database to work with GO_New_stores
  • CubeSaveData() – SaveDataAll worked, but this is a welcome addition. CubeSaveData() lets administrators serialize only the specific cubes they are reloading.
  • tm1xfer – Not sure if we can use this for migrations or if this provides any upside to our current methods. More to come once we test this.
  • Commenting – I have not needed this yet, but application using an approval hierarchy now lets you add comments.

New Components

In addition to the fixes and improvements, there are some new components

  • IBM Cognos TM1 Operations Console – A new component for administrators. This component requires configuration and deployment on a Java-based web application server. This used to be a pain so we are looking forward to checking out the new streamlined console.
  • IBM Cognos TM1 Performance Modeler – Enables developers to build planning and analysis models in the Cognos TM1 environment. Accessible from Cognos TM1 Applications.
  • IBM Cognos Insight – End users can analyze data, explore scenarios by creating managed workspaces. Supports write-back, so you can also use these workspaces to gather and consolidate management targets, commitments, and forecasts.


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